Monday, June 2, 2014

Vintage Jimmy Clark Lotus crashed at Monaco Historics...

Heard this awhile ago, as I'm not sure where I read I-T? Yet it seemingly made A-L-L of the Newswires, as a vintage Lotus T-49 originally driven by Double World Champion Jimmy Clark was damaged in a crash during the recent Monaco Historics taking place prior to this year's just concluded Monn-ocquoe' Grand Prix.

 As I believe that this 'Uber rare Lotus T-49 just so happened to be the very chassis that Clark won "FoMoCo's" (Ford Motor Company) debutant victory for its illustrious three-liter normally aspirated DFV (Double Four Valves) powerplant at the Dutch Grand Prix held at Zandvoort in,  'Wayback in 1967, having previously scribbled my thoughts 'bout the mighty DFV's downfall in;