Thursday, June 19, 2014

Newey staying put at Red Bull, but what will he tackle next?

Guessin' Y'all heard this news already, that renown Aerodynamicist Adrian Newey has been inked to a further multi-year contract extension to continue on with Red Bull Racing in the future, albeit the caveat for Newey being to reportedly head-up Red Bull's new Technology Centre while relinquishing his iron grasp upon Day-to-Day Design of the F1 racing cars, although staying on as a mentor and overseer of the future Formula 1 chassis designs...

Red Bull's Adrian Newey shifts solefocus from Formula 1

Meanwhile, on a purely speculative note, it's interesting to read that Sir Ben, who's just launched his Ben Ainslie Racing syndicate in pursuit of winning the America's Cup in 2017 for the Union Jack - is still hopeful of snaring Adrian Newey into working on their challenger's design, as after all I'm pretty sure that the modern day sloops are heavily constructed out of carbon fibre, which is the de riggour component of modern F1 chassis, so who knows, eh?

Sir Ben Ainslie holds talks with AdrianNewey over America’s Cup role