Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pull your Heads Out Formula 1!

Otay, perhaps my Tin-foil Hat isn't working properly, but; Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! What in thee HE-LL is all of this BULLSHIT over the Top F1 Teams wanting to Ax Friday Free Practise-1 along with scuttling the Thursday press briefings as a Ahem, cough-cough "Cost Savings;" ACK!

As Fucking Eh Ray! Aren't Formula 1 tickets already expensive enough with the ridiculously short amount of track time we're granted seeing these  phenomenal Landsharks in action... As I think I figured out  they were on-track  for a total of seven hours over three days; Err, actually LESS Me Thinks! With 3hrs on Friday's; 1hr 45mins on Saturday's and a maximum of 2hrs on Sunday's; CRIKEYS MATES!

Thus  is F1, nee Uncle Bernaughty and the FIA going to lower their sanctioning fees to the respective track promoters? Or better yet reduce the outrageous ticket fees? Me thinks NOT!

Hmm? Perhaps this is simply the B-I-G Teams calling' SMOKE ON! In order to get the smaller teams to quit griping over how they're not being treated equal by the sport's Top Banana's, eh? Oh Never Mind!