Monday, June 2, 2014

Marussia Makes history in Monaco...

Although this year's Monaco Grand Prix was fairly processional at the sharp end of the pack, as "Brittany," aka Nico Rosberg led virtually from wire-to-wire, much to the chagrin of team-mate Lewis Hamilton, nevertheless, there was plenty of action further down the grid, most notably between the F1 Minnows, nee Marussia and Caterham.

Thus it was overly impressive for Marussia's Jules Bianchi to come home in eighth place in his home Grand Prix, having grown-up just down the countryside in Nice.

As it was funny hearing NBCSN's Professor Steve Matchett blathering on 'N on over how he didn't understand how Bianchi's Marussia wouldn't be disqualified for ignoring a supposed Black flag, as although the 24yr old Frenchman who'd receive two penalties would ultimately be classified ninth, scoring his and the team's debutant F1 points - as incredulously Marussia currently leads Sauber in the Constructor's points standings; YIKES!

Thus, naturally talk now focuses upon Bianchi jumping up the order to a better team, as it's funny how he's been one of my three F1 movers 'N shakers for quite awhile now, along with Nico Hulkenberg and Valtteri Bottas.

Great Job Jules!