Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Otay, so many may be saying WTF? So it’s SNOWING in Seattle, big bleepin’ dealio... Whale, hey actually it rather is, as our state’s capitol Olympia may just break the all-time record for snowfall in a 24hr period, which is 14-inches...

And its only forecasted to be a low of 70 and High of 84deg-f on the B-I-G Island today, i.e.; Kona, Hawaii; SHEISA!

As I’d sure rather be there being buzzed by green Sea Turtles, or HE-LL! Watchin’ - Err listening to some Lotus-by-Judd, ‘Chebby-Ilmor ‘N Honda hairdryer’s pounding ‘round Sebring, Florida, eh?