Friday, January 27, 2012


So I won’t be taking part and hence am really not too sure what IT’S all about, but over at a Blogsite called, they’ll once again be hosting their annual Rolex 24 at Daytona Blogathon...

And I think Wedge and the Speed Geek have dropped by No Fenders in the past... As I know they’re the ‘Juan’s who got me going BIG Game Huntin’ over Justin Bell’s final TV Broadcast at LeMans last year, saying he’d only be writing books from now on; Hya! Which got me to chase him down and get an interview with him, so I have to say Thanxs to Justin and hope he at least finishes ahead of the No. 56 Ferrari...

And I just listened to the GBS 2012 Blogathon Preview Podcast and was immediately struck by how serious these Dudes are, especially Mike, who’s apparently making it his mission to finally watch that EPIC racing film Driven as part of this year’s Blogathon activities... While Alan muses without bursting into laughter how its Cinematography is Monumental and every motorsports film should revolve around the extremely high standards Driven reaches; Hoohah!

As I’ll never forget ‘Aunty Harriet saying repeatedly “I wanna go see Drive!” Of which I had the good pleasure of taking her to at a “Regal Beagle” theatre. And while I recall the theatre not being overly crowded, I can still hear Joe Tonto whistlin’ Dixie whilst picking up Qarters with his Flinstone sticky rubber tyres... See Mike, this is exactly the type of epic cinematography ‘Wedge was alluding too; Hee-hee-hee! So good luck with the 24hrs ‘O Blogging Boyz and enjoy the FREE movie Driven slated for 1AM Saturday night ‘Somme-wares, as I DON’T know if that’s Seattle/Pacific or NY/INDY/East Coast time?

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  1. Hey, by the way, thanks for the nice words about the Blogathon, the plug for the podcast and all the good stuff you mentioned here, Tomaso. It was good times, let me assure you, and I hope you stopped by at least once or twice.