Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sarah seeing Green?

This just in from Speedway Indiana, where ‘Offical No Fenders Photographer ‘CARPETS reports that he went to a ribbon cutting ceremony for Walgreens this morning; says that Walgreens is promoting living healthier and have revamped there stores and are now Walgreen "Well" Pharmacy's.

This promotion is starting In Indy - at the 16th & Meridian location; while they have 70 locations in the state.  A couple of the speakers were Indiana senator Richard Lugar and former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungee; who claimed he’d arrived at midnight and didn’t know why he had 148-messages - ‘Somme-thun ‘bout a Head Coach vacancy? As his wife wasn’t able to attend, with the couple just having rolled-out their eighth child; aye Karumba!

Inside store festivities included, as the Walgreens VP (Greg Wassen?) announced, were "Indianapolis favorite Sarah Fisher," along with ‘Hubby Andy O’Gara, Coleen O’Gara, members of SFHR and other Sarah Fisher posse... 

Outside they had the #67 Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing Indy showcar painted up in the Walgreens colours. Yet there was absolutely NO word mentioned about Walgreens becoming SFHR’s new sponsor...

Yet hopefully Walgreens will jump on board the little team that could! And potentially revel in the possibility of Joseph Newgarden’s winning R.O.Y. (Rookie Of the Year) honours, eh? Which should be a good duel between him, “Symone Pagenoe” (Simon Pagenaud) and Thy Leggy ‘Juan, aka Katherine Legge.

Hopefully SFHR will be able to finally announce not only Walgreens in the very near term future, say after some ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin game in Indianapolis. Can you say Superbowl? But also finally reveal their engine manufacture and finally get down to testing.

So if you like the looks of this car - perhaps Y’all should “Tweet,” Facebook or Email Walgreens and let ‘em know you’re an SFHR Fan who wants to see it happen. As perhaps there’s a Walgreens nearby Thee ‘DAWG’s; Err pressdog’s Iowa locale who formerly dropped multiple coinage at the now departed SFR’s “Bumblebee” sponsor...