Monday, January 16, 2012

‘DirtMann lobs a ‘HummDinger of Smack Down on rival Competitors...

So you haveda say Robby “DirtMann Gourdoun” Gordon simply punches above his respective “weight Class” with his “Californian Cool,” Vim & Vigor, Bravado or whatever Y’all wanna call IT? As the ‘SoCal native threw-down mightily upon his rival Competitors on Day-13’s Stage-12...

Having told the whole World previously: “We’ll put a cork (bolt) in IT and still WIN Stages... As Robby apparently really did put a bolt in the infamous (“Illegal”) air-line pipe before taking NO prisoners on the next day’s stage - telling the BMW X-Raid Mini drivers Stéphane Peterhansel & Nani Roma to SHUT UP!!!

Speaking into the Camera eye upon finishing first; ‘DirtMann triumphantly said:  KISS MY A**! As apparently the word ASS is too vulgar to be said on TV; WTF?

But you’ve gotta ‘LUV Robby’s Bravado - pointedly speakin’ into le Telescreen and exclaiming: “Mini’s are for Girl’s!”

Therefore, I just sat transfixed to ze ‘Boob-tube laughing-out-loud to myself as Gordon took Peterhansel & Roma to the ‘Wood-shed! Winning by 24minutes, as Gordon’s victory speech continued...

Ssee those X’s ‘N O’s there? That’s how many vehicles we  passed on the stage... How many? 22!

But the show wasn’t over yet! As I enjoyed seeing Gordon call over the Mini Girl’s Stefanie and Nancy (Peterhansel & Roma) after the stage, opening up the ‘boot and sayin’ see this pipe... Yeah, what about IT? Whale ‘Dat’s the majik power booster you claimed I was using to CHEAT... So GO FUCK YOURSELFS!!!

FUNNY S-H-I-T! As that hasta be the best theatre of this year’s entire Dakar! As I’m surprised that Gordon didn’t toss a helmet at them afterwards - and throw a strike... Whale at least he definitely picked-up a spare on that ‘Juan; Hya!