Monday, January 9, 2012

When the NFL collides with Indy Cars

I first heard ‘bout this on last week’s Trackside with Kevin & Cavin, when Kevin Lee mentioned how he’d just driven down Main Street in Speedway, Indiana for the first time in awhile and was pleasantly surprised to see a bevy ‘O specially prepared Dallara racing cars adorned in National Football League liveries’ PEAK-in thru the front windows of the newly completed Dallara Automobili building - the anchor tenant of the Speedway redevelopment project.

Thus, mentioning this to Dave; Dave’s NOT here! Err, ‘Offical No Fenders Photographer ‘CARPETS... He was kind enough to drop by the Dallara building ‘N check IT out for Mwah... As these Series I-II (2003-09+) Dallara Racecars will be utilized during the upcoming Superbowl XL VI in Indianapolis, with one car apiece specially “wrapped” in each cities respective National Football League Franchise’s colours, with one extra chassis representing this year’s Superbowl...

And if you’re in Indy either before, during or after? The Superbowl and are curious what all’s going on then you may wish to click here for more info regarding Superbowl XL VI.

Hmm? 32 NFL Franchises + 1-Superbowl Car = 33 Fire-breathin’, Ethanol belchin’ Dallara Indy Cars! Uhm, thee Indy 500, Speedway, Brickyard, Rows of Three; co-inky-ence?

Kudos to 'CARPETS for ALL of the Pictures...