Friday, November 2, 2007

Miller time

Nope, that crafty title doesn’t correspond to this being the start of the weekend, although a few cold “Juan’s” may be in order after reading this latest scribbling?

And is it just me… Cue the Alana Moresett. “ISN’T IT IRONIC” Theme music as Gene “I AM INDY” Simmons didn’t even need a costume during Wednesday’s “Really-Really-Really BIG Blockbuster” announcements…

Yeah, that’s right, the IRL was busy touting their “New & Improved” multi-million dollar sponsorship agreements at the SEMA Show in “Los Wage$” on none other than Halloween!

And I’d expected Indiana Bureau Chief to carpool with his good buddy Robin to “scoop” the Brickyard announcements for Y’all… As Danny B. proclaimed these major endorsements would easily net Tony George $60-70 Trillion… *Peso’s)

So without further ado… Here’s the Big News. Indy Car will now be powered by Frank’s Energy Drink… Y’all heard ‘O Frank’s high test bottled water? Neither had I prior to this week, as I’m told it’s a “Pretender” to the current “Kingpin” of this delectable beverage market. You know? That stuff that “AWNOLD” gaugle’s with. None other than the good Baron Deeter Majestic’s Red Bull, which reportedly “Gives you Wings.”

Yet apparently Mr. Simmons was busy with other “Fright Nite” engagements and couldn’t be bothered to show up on Halloween for any Indy Car announcements. Perhaps he didn’t wish to be shown up by the Princess?

Nor did this much anticipated, drum roll please………. Announcement has been made (to date) as reportedly it’s a Gene Simmons marketing masterpiece. Although it seems a bit comical to me to have an “Official” energy drink while Coca Cola is the official soft drink of the Speedway! (Which was to be announcement number two according to Danny)

And not to be left out of the party, Danica Patrick (“The Princess”) was on hand to announce that Peak Oil will now become the official lubricant *Insert Joke/Retort Here!) of the Brickyard… Guess we’ll all know what those “Slippery Liquids” are next time “Milk “N Doughnuts” clouts the Speedway’s Safer barrier, eh?

And speakin’ of ‘ol Robin Miller, it had been awhile since I’d seen the soothsayer on the SPEED Channel… But I did manage to catch a slice ‘O Miller-mantra on The Speed Report via the Memorex “Old School” taping’ machine upon returning from my trek to the Orient.

In typical Miller fashion, he was first to suggest that Honda would seek the golden opportunity to insert Rookie Japanese driver Hideki Mutoh into the vacated Dario Franchitti seat at AGR. Especially since NO Japanese driver to date has brought Honda ANY success in CART or the IRL>

Thus it was confirmed Wednesday by Andretti Green Racing that 25 year old Mutoh would take over Franchitti’s #27 entry for 2008. Mutoh will be joined by mentor Aguri Suzuki along with Super Aguri backing. Hmm? Wonder what will happen to Super Aguri’s other ace Kosuke Matsuura? As Matsuura and Super Aguri were partnered with Panther Racing this season, running a third entry for Mutoh’s Indy Car debut at Chicagoland’s season finale.

And Miller is now also noting that perhaps CDW will be inclined to land at Newman Hass Lanigan Racing with Justin Wilson in 2008 after all? As they’re both Chicago based companies and CDW is keen to work with Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang camps… As well as getting some better Sponsor treatment by N/H/L.

Also, with the IRL having announced its 2008 calendar, which if they’d been savvy they’d have possibly gone after Portland? It now appears that Champ Car is the only alternative for the much lamented Portland Int’l Raceway, yet Miller speculates over a possible street race? Please DON’T do that Portland! Just look at what happened to Vancouver, BC and San Jose…
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