Friday, November 9, 2007

Champ Car Season Finale

Although it seems more of a formality with “The Hamburgular” having already wrapped up the Championship at Surfers Paradise. Nevertheless it will be Sebastian Bourdais very final race in Champ Car before he departs to Formula 1 in 2008.

And for the Mexico City elevation Champ Car will add an extra 50bhp to its vaunted “P2P” feature, better known as Power to Pass. This is when any of the competitor’s can push a button on their steering wheel for a specific amount of time to induce extra horsepower or “Turbo Boost!”

And instead of the normal 60 second time allotment, the P2P will be increased to 75 seconds. Thus the Champ Car circus will have a maximum of 850bhp on tap for 75 seconds in Mexico.

Does this mean that perhaps somebody will be able to pass Sea Bass for the win? As I’m still mad over his pin ball bounce off of Justin Wilson on the very final lap to steal the victory last year…

And supposedly Pacific Coast Motorsports will be making a “Big” announcement in Mexico. Hmm, let’s see. Mario Dominguez plus Tecate beer. Wonder what it could be? Now all we need is those long departed Tecate “Girls.”

You can catch the Champ Car season finale this Sunday on ESPN2 @ 11AM. (Pacific)

Please check your Local Listings…