Friday, November 9, 2007


Yeah, I know it’s the wrong type of racing… (Racin’ is Rubbin’) Perhaps it’s the after effects of a Full Moon? But for some unknown reason I felt compelled to watch my very first Craftsman Truck race Friday night… Uhm? What’s that Warren Zevon song called? Oh Yeah, Werewolves in London!

It just feels like Teen Spirit, nope that’s not it! But where else can you hear the high pitched squeakiness of ‘ol “Moonshine Mikey!” Yet SPEED has done a particularly good job of hyping this championship as the points lead has flip-flopped five times now…

And how ‘bout dat JV, eh? I mean if you don’t succeed at first; Try-Try-Try again! As Jack Vanilla musta been hearin’ Number 9? Number 9? Number 9? In his head, as he hit the #09 truck NOT once, but twice… The second time causing a Red Flag to be thrown to perform makeshift repairs to the HOLE punched into the retaining wall by a hapless competitor.

And wonder why they call Phoenix a one-mile “Bull Ring?” Because the Trucks managed to set a record for cautions, with a total of 11 yellow flags & 2 red flags thrown.

And taking a page out of Formula 1 there was explicit, unhidden displays of Team Orders being used to try helping the two championship protagonists gain valuable points as their teammates drove as dutiful blocking backs, although “Juan ‘O” Mike skinner’s wingmen didn’t cooperate at the finish… And I’m pulling for Skinner to win the title since he’s driving a “Toy-yoter.”

Meanwhile Sam Hornish Jr., who’s on the cusp of becoming a full time RASSCAR Sprint Cup driver next season, must have been buoyed by the pending announcement. Having finally broken his qualifying jinx and making the cut for Sunday’s big hoedown. (Attempt #7)

Five out of six ex-Open Wheel warriors made the cut for this weekend’s shootout in the Desert. (SHUSHHH!!! Don’t let Sherriff Joe hear dem words shoot out! (With top Rookie of the Year candidate MAC Montoya leading the way in 14th. Monty was followed by:”Pat Carpenter” (Patrick Carpentier) and Jackie V (Jacques Villeneuve) in 24th and 27th place respectively. Sam “I AM” Hornish Jr. split the Canadian duo and will make his “Big Top” Roundy-round debut, rolling off in the 26th position.

Interestingly all three Open Wheelers made their way into the race with qualifying times, while once again AJ Almendinger DNQ’ed. But, Hey! Don’t worry; I’ll be watchin’ the Mexico City Champ Car race this Sunday instead!

Go Justin!