Monday, November 5, 2007

No More Alonso

Well I suppose it should be NO Surprise that McLaren and Fernando Alonso have “amicably” parted company. This long rumoured split was confirmed last Friday, which is traditionally a “Slow News Day.”

Both “Ferdi the Putz” and “The Ronster” (Ron Dennis) blathered the required “NO HARD Feelings” eulogies, saying it was in the best interest of the team and we’ve “Kissed ‘N Made Up” before goin our separate ways. “Can we just be Friends?”

Thus Ferdi will now seek to take his helmet bag to one of the few remaining options available for 2008, with whispers that negotiations at Renault aren’t all “Warm ‘N Fuzzy.” Could this just be part of the traditional negotiating ploy?

Although there are rumours of Alonso talking to Red Bull Racing or even joining Williams, I still expect the Spaniard to land at Renault next year…

And I like Adam Cooper’s idea that he’ll be teaming with rookie driver Nelson Piquet Jr., seeing Heikki Kovalanen join McLaren. As Ron Dennis seems to enjoy having a Finn on his squad…

If you wish to read the whole “Mooshy” announcement; see Alonso/McLaren split Company