Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stop ‘N Go

In what appears to be the A1 GP’s version of the Red Green Show, the World Cup of Motorsports has announced the following revelations…

A1 GP turning Red
Interestingly the A1 GP racing series has just concluded a deal with Maranello to provide customer chassis to replace the current Lola-Zytec powered race cars. The deal is for six years and begins this January. (2008-2014(

Ferrari will be responsible for the design and supply of the new car and powerplant, although chassis manufacturing will be outsourced, most likely to Dallara. (Current Indy Car sole supplier(

The deal will also include an exclusive Ferrari merchandising license for all A1 GP merchandise to use the Ferrari name as well as the phrase “Powered by Ferrari.”

A1 GP turning Green?
Prior to the beginning of this season, A1 GP touted the launching of its “Green” initiative, planning to run on E30 Biofuel. And although this 30% blend of sugar beets has run successfully during 4,600 kilometers of testing, the A1 GP has postponed plans to race this exotic fuel blend for the foreseeable future. The delay comes on the heels of “Technical Issues” as the parties involved simply didn’t think the performance level was acceptable. Wonder if the new Ferrari “Lumps” will run on such a concoction?