Monday, May 8, 2023

Crowing Over IndyCar

Although I Did Have to Heat it Myself…


It’s somewhat funny, Ha-Ha! That on the same Freakin’ day that I took the Taxi for the second time to our local Grocery Store to simply buy some Freakin’ Chicken, Cluck-cluck-Cluck!


Suddenly losing it with the Deli Worker when She said they Didn’t have Any Cooked Chicken, (Again) WTF! Before She rustled up some Cold, “leftover” Chicken for me to take Home that I’d need to Heat Up myself…


Although that Chicken was Hard as Rocks! And apparently had been underneath the Heat lamps too long?


Thus around 5:20PM Pacific, when I should have been turning on Ye Oven. Instead, I decided to visit the Official IndyCar website. Wanting to “See” if they’d shed any light on when their vaunted 100 Days to Indy would be re-airing upon Vice, since I didn’t think I had access to The CW.


With “Zoey, the Princess Warrior!” My much unloved current Screen Reader reading me the typically Glowing IndyCar prose. Suddenly Zoey cooed to me to “click Here” to utilize The CW’s Find Your channel weblink, Say What?


Scarily, after I got past or ignored the This Site uses Cookies Bullshit! To Track You. Uh, did somebody say cookies? Mmm-Mmm-Mmm… I “clicked” on the Find My channel tab and typed in my Zip code and Wallah!

Eureka, it actually worked! With Zoey the Princess Warrior reading out loud to Mwah.


Channel 12 Eugene Spectrum Cable TV. Whale’ I’ll b a Son of a Bleepity Bleep!


But how was I supposed to know that Channel 12 which simply is noted as KMTR DT2 is the local “Affiliate” for The CW TV Channel here on the Oregon coast?


Since I won’t belabour How Much time I spent going thru my Zap-2-It TV Guide trying to find The CW. And playing is it in the 100’s, 200’s,300’s, 400’s, 700’s Nope, Butterfingers!


Since even Funnier yet, and I did hear at least once or twice during the calvacade of Commercials during the premiere episode of 100 Days to Indy, Spew!


Promos for NBC 16’s Nightly News. Since I’ve never paid any Attenzione to the Fact that whenever I “Watch,” Err listen to an IndyCar race on “Big NBC”. That KMTR is the Springfield, Oregon “local” NBC TV Station that I simply know as channel No. 6…


Thus I just erupted in laughter for the first time in weeks when accessing my Zap-2-It Telephone TV Guide and Adding Channel 12, a very good number. As Uhm, who’s Car Number is that, Eh? To my channel’s lineup and then selecting 9PM for Thursday, April 27th and Holy TV Shows Batman! I can actually “Watch,” Err listen to the vaunted 100 Days of Indy after all, Shiver Me Timbers!


Hands Down, Best line of the whole show was the opening monologue when Helio Castroneves tells Doug Bowles: I’m Not gonna tell Him How to Win Again, I’m still Racing! In regards to Bowles question over How Marcus Ericsson can repeat as Indy 500 winner this year?


Whilst Dumbest line of the show goes to Thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown’, aka James Hinchcliffe explaining How the Fastest Car starts up Front. And the Slowest Car Starts in the Back when explaining Qualifying…


Yet is it just Mwha? Or do people really enjoy this type of trite, over manufactured Made up Hype! Or should that be Fluff? And Made for TV Drama? Although I found the Premiere episode of 100 Days to Indy to be very, very Vanilla! Bordering on the word Milk toast!


As I Don’t care that Josef Newgarden’s wife was a Disneyland Princess! Whale’ at least that’s what I believed I heard Her saying into the Camera Eye when professing that Josef Had a Crush upon Her…


And  although I’ll continue following the series, primarily since there hasn’t been anything IndyCar-centric forever! I really felt like I learned very little, with the exception of How ScottyMac’, aka Scott McLaughlin met His Wife Carly in Las Vegas…


And that Marcus Ericsson Has a Chip on His Shoulder since He’s Not mentioned in the same Breath as the other perceived IndyCar Challengers, Uh Duh!


Although reading Ye Oldest IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips take upon the Premiere Episode a week later. I learned that apparently Josef Newgarden got lots of camera time in the “Buff” Shirtless. Which immediately made me think of a fantastic video Newgardn made before going All Penske Button-down Corporate Speak!


As perhaps Y’all recall His moving video announcing His Charity seeking Shirts for Sage?


Yet, and it Pains me Greatly! But the point of this meandering No Fenders Post was to say that IndyCar actually got something right, Urgh! By providing relative information and a easy way for a Blind Word Butcher to find where The CW was located on His definitely Overpriced Spectrum Cable TV service. Even if Vice is filing for Bankruptcy…