Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Next Time, Bing A Shovel!

    A Winch, or a Second Tow Truck!


Listened to my first Indy Lights, Err NXT race Sunday at Ye Barbers’. Where the Indy NXT Boyz’ and Girl had been waiting an excruciating two months to go racing again! Having been 56 Days since their Season Opener at St Pete!


And it was a calamitous race, with the Red Mist firmly gripping some Half of the Field! With All sorts of Mayhem happening!


Yet the most bizarre part of the race had to be the scantly used Red Flag during Indy NXT competition. As then third place Lous foster had apparently lost it in turn-9 and when the Tow Truck came to remove the stricken racecar, Shuhzamm!


Due to the Rainstorm overnight, the Tow Truck inexplicably got Stuck in the Soft Grass! Hence a Red Flag needed to be thrown in order to remove the Stricken Tow Truck sent to remove Foster’s parked racing car!


With a second Tow Truck being dispatched to remove the Offending Tow Truck! Before the race went Green with four laps remaining, albeit No Divits were replaced!


As Pole Sitter Christian Rasmussen effectively led Wire-to-wire. Leading All 35 laps including two restarts. As Rasmussen became the 15th Pole Sitter from the last 18 events to win at Barber Motorsports Park!