Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Rolex 24 Postscript: 2022 Race’s Hours 3-11, 19-24

As Usual, the Race goes Down to the Wire for most of the Five Classes…


Welcome to the (2022) USA Network’s era of Motorsports. Y’all know, when you begin the first segment of the Rolex 24 12 Freakin’ minutes Late because of some third string Junior Varsity Men’s college Basketball game between Saint Bonaparte, Err Bonaventure and Saint Joseph’s. With the latter trailing by 11 points but still Dishing out Fouls with 21 seconds left, Ralf! And who knew that ‘Ol Napoleon was a Saint, Eh?


Nice intro segment interview with Alexander Rossi, musing over being Bored. Since He won’t get into the cockpit until some 9 hours later!  Tried playing Call of Duty, but He’s really Bad at it!


Hinchcliffe is so Silky smooth as a Colour Commentator, Er Driver Analyst!


3.5Hr mark; 3rd Full course Caution, Multiple cars involved including #23. Clapping loudly over Hulio’ cutting a tyre on the #10 Acura. As Mike Shank sez’ will probably go down 2 laps but Not worried ‘bout it. Hulio’s a wonder to be around, full of energy, Eternally Young and usually talking in Portuguese first!


Dave Burns and Brian Till in Booth replacing lead Announcers Leigh Diffey and Calvin Fish.


Good Jimmie Johnson interview, claiming K-Squared’ aka Kamui Kobayashi is Thar Main Man and he’s No where Maximum Attack! After having put on another Passing Clinique! Taking the lead back twice!


Cheep’ says JJ’ will win an IndyCar race this year, to which JJ’ says playfully; I’m Glad Chip (Ganassi) said that instead of Me. Especially since we All know how that worked out…


The GTD #32 Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo has Part-time IndyCar Driver James Davison as part of it’s Driving Crew. Not sure if All Aussie’ Driver lineup? As I’d really like to see more of Davidson in action. As He seems like a really Decent Bloke!


Made it nearly to Hour 11 of the race, or was that Hour 12? Since ironically being nearly 11PM Pacific on Ye Oregon Coast would have been twelve Hours for Mwah. Although I was “Pacing” Thyself, meaning I probably stopped round 10PM? As I was planning on getting up to listen to the last 3+ hours in the morning.


As Tristen Nunez, Remember Him Y’all? In the #31 Whelen engineering Cadillac led the race at the end of Hour 11, following it’s ninth Caution. With the No. 8 Tower Motorsports Oreca/Gibson leading LMP2. And the No. 74 Riley Motorsports Ligier/Nissan led the LMP3 Class.


The Saloons’ category saw Patrick Pilet leading GTD Pro in the #2 KCMG Porsche 911 GT3 R. With the No. 32 Gilbert Korthoff Motorsports Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo leading the GTD Class when I signed off for the evening.


And that’s as far as I got with this riveting Postscript last year Ladies and Germs’. Meaning I’ll just try wrapping up below instead…


From Dawn until Race’s End

From my No Fenders story’s title, those apparently were the Hours I partook of the 2022 Rolex 24, not including the first Hour’s NBC Stint. Equaling a total of some 14 Hours, meaning I made it more than Halfway thru the race…


Remember that I couldn’t Sleep so I got up sooner than expected and resumed during Hour 19 of the race Me Thinks? But it’s all definitely a Blur now nearly a year later. Thus instead of trying to recap the final five Hours, I’ll just cut to the chase…


Mike “Ice Ice, Baby!” Conway led in the #31 whelen Engineering Caddy’ at Hour’s end, after Hulio’ had led for most of Hour 19 in the Meyer shank Racing No. 60 Acura. The #8 Tower Motorsports still led in LMP2, and ditto for Riley Motorsports #74 in LMP3.


The Saloons now saw the No. 9 Phaff Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R leading. And the Wright Motorsports #16 led GTD, giving Porsche a Clean Sweep of the GT3 Tintops’ classes.


And whilst most Attenzione focused upon the Fireworks occurring on the race’s final lap between the two GTD Pro Porsche’s Beatin ‘N Bangin’ for the win! It was the Meyer Shank Racing #60 Acura winning outright with Gasp! That ‘Ol Dancin’ fool Helio Castroneves as part of it’s winning Drivers Quartet, Sigh! With Tom “The Bomb” Blomqvist, Oliver Jarvis and Oh Yeah, don’t forget Me! Simon Pagenaud…


As ironically, it was Mike Shank’s second 24 Hours of Daytona win, which came a Decade after that most memorable win with A.J. “Bigshot” Allmendinger, the late Justin BIG UNIT” Wilson, Ozz Negri and John Pew at the controls of it’s #60 Riley/ford Daytona Prototype. Which Racer’s Marshall Pruett  wrote about following MSR’s second Rolex 24 victory.




The No. 9 Pfaff Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R was victorious in GTD Pro. With Mathieu Jaminet Holding Serve vs. Laurens Vanthoor in the #2 Porsche. Whose Racin’s Rubbin’ antics saw Vanthoor fall to third, when the #62 Risi Competizione Ferrari 488 said Thank You very Mucho! Playing Thru, and scooted into P2 in Class.


Colton Herta put on an amazing pass during the closing stint of the race to bring the No. 81 Dragonspeed with Co-Drivers Pato O’Ward, Devlin De Francesco and Eric Lux the LMP2 win!


The No. 74 Riley Motorsports team won Back-to-Back in LMP3 with it’s second, consecutive Class victory.


Whilst the #16 Wright Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R of Ryan Hardwick, Jan “Van Hagar” Heylend, Zacharie Robichon and Richard Lietz won the GTD Class.


And now it’s almost time for this year’s Rolex 24 to commence on January 28th…