Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Marshall Pruett interviews Richard Noble

“Hashtag” WTHTSLTPT!


During the past Turkey Lurkey Day Holidaze’. (And Arse-sumedly during the Christms-New Years Holidazes…) Like many, I was looking for some “Fresh” Moto Racing content. Dark or light, Bon Appetit!


Thus I was pleasantly surprised to run across Marshall Pruett’s “Canned” interview with Richard Noble, which I believe Marshall said was recorded sometime in 2021.


As it’s Uber Funny hearing Marshall bemoan His “Hashtag” WTHTSLTPT! Stood for What The Hell Took So Long To Post This! For which All I can say is I’ve got a story revolving around land Speed record pursuers waiting to be “Penned” from over four years ago now, Yikes!


As it’s a wonderful interview that weighs in at some One Hour Me thinks. And is worth listening alone to for Messer Noble’s description of making a run over 600mph aboard Thrust 2 at Black Rock Desert, Nevada! And the “Tricks” one uses to pilot a rocket powered Beast straight and true in the Desert’s featureless “moonscape!”


As Richard Noble actually held the world’s Land Speed Record of 633.468mph from 1983 until 1997. When His Thrust SSC piloted by RAF Squadron Commander Andy Green went Supersonic on land at 763.065mph!


As why did listening to Richard Noble’s “Pedestrian” description of Manhandling a Jet rocket Car to some Bloody 600mph make me think of Coldplay’s wonderful Speed of sond song?