Friday, February 22, 2019

Spinning the Wheels 'O Racing 'N Black History Month together

A rare Patterson Automobile. Presumably from the early 1910's, during the height of its popularity. (Image source:
Sadly, why do we still need to be reminded of the Amazing contributions that African Americans have made over the Century's, and why Cant' We All just Get Along?

Last year around this time, I posted the following Ditty' upon No Fenders, after listening to a great interview with NHRA's Top Fuel Champion AB', nee Antron Brown with the Statmann' on Speed freaks.

As Antron's one of the Coolest Cats I know from Afar, as his Charisma is just infectious to Mwah...

Whilst it was current Bad Arse Floppers' Driver J.R. Todd joining Antron as an NHRA Champion, after claiming his Debutante NHRA Top fuel Funny Car crown last year, along with his second consecutive U.S. Nationals title, the Mac-Daddy 'O NHRA Events!

Although to date, Antron's won three NHRA Top fuel Nitro Dragster Championships along with 50 Wally's, i.e.; Winner's Trophies...

Presumably the least known of thoust Story's Quintet 'O Characters is Jann Mardenborough, who I'm ARSE-Sumin' is still tollin' in virtual anonymity abroad, driving Tintops in Japan, albeit I haven't heard his name mentioned lately...

While obviously the two Biggest Stars are Lewis "golden child" Hamilton and Roundy-Rounds' Darryl "Bubbah" Wallace, Jr. As Hamilton's aiming for the unthinkable, by becoming Formula One's second ever Six-times F1 World Champion this year. Although I'm hoping that it won't happen!

Whilst Bubbah drives the iconic No. 43 in RasscarLand's premiere Taxicabs' series. Y'all know the number The King!" Richard Petty's immortalized.

Yet even more interesting to Mwah, was the 'lil nugget I found in this month's Car and Driver Magazine, which like  the majority of my News comes courtesy 'O Thy NFB's Newsline for The Blind telephone service.

As how many of Y'all have ever heard of the past Patterson Automobiles? C'mon, let's see a show of hands, anybody? Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? As I know that I'd certainly never heard of this mysterious All Black automotive Company. Which like almost all of the time period began by producing what was then known as Horseless Carriages Wayback Yonder.

Along with listening to another very interesting story in Air & Space Magazine about the totally unknown to Mwah Perry Young, who became our Nation's first-ever Commercial African American Pilot, albeit in Helicopters. As Americre' still wasn't ready to relinquish the Aeroplane controls to a Black Pilot...

And lastly, as we Celebrate another Black History month, right Donald? You may wish to check out another No Fenders story I posted last November - regarding some more Unknown 'N Forgotten Black Pioneers...

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