Monday, February 25, 2019

F1: Winter Testing begins in Barcelona

The New look Alfa Romeo hopes testing will be All Hearts 'n Kisses, a la their Valentine's Day test livery. (Image source:
As Hopefully Team Willy's' finally joined the Party...

Ah, it's beginning to look like another season of Formula 1, where All of the F1 Teams have descended upon thou Circuit Barcelona de Cataluña for the first of two four day testing sessions before the season Kicks-off Down Under in Bloody Melbourne, March 17th.

Although I won't bother recapping Team Willys' Woes, albeit they weren't a "Flash-in-the-Pan" a la McLaren during their extra-curricular Filming Day... Especially since Claire Williams has already publicly stated the Obvious! Noting how Humiliating it's been for her and the storied Grove F1 Team in whole over missing the first two days 'O Winter Testing, because their chassis wasn't ready.

As Yuhs can watch F1 Rookie George Russell taking his maiden lap aboard a Formula 1 car aboard the Williams FW42 at Barcelona Wednesday afternoon  in the video clip below...

"Sixty one seconds is all it takes
For the nine to five man to be more than one minute late
There's a clock on the wall
A mirror reflecting it all..."

As I won't takes Y'all completely down thoust Wabbit-hole's that's had an 'Ol, somewhat Obscure album - that I still have the original vinyl copy from Wayback three-plus Decades ago.., currently in a shipping carton somewheres in my new Bungalow by the Sea. Finding The Outfield's Play Deep rotatin' on my internal Jukebox...

But two of its lesser known tracks Title's seem entirely appropriate to Team Willys', and possibly more succinctly Technical Guru Patty Lowe. Whilst Thar being an English Band from Bloody London is All the more tastefully ironic!

"You got me all screwed up
So much I can't turn 'round
And I've been running about with some funny girls
I'm not so tough
But if you let me down I'll tell ya)
I'd give you just one day to explain
I'd like to know if there's somebody else in this game
Say it isn't so (tell me I'm the only one..."

But back to testing, or what's ultimately known as Formula One's Winter Olympics. And although la Scuderia, nee Ferrari was Fastest the first two days with both of its Drivers. With NO Disrespect intended, Seriously? Alfa Romeo and Scuderia Toro Rosso topped the Time Sheets also, with Third Times A Charm Rooskie DK', (Daniil Kvyat) Say What? Although it was nice seeing thee Iceman's name, nee Kimi Raikkonen, whom I believe is now the Sport's Elder Statesman's atop the virtual scoring pylon briefly.

And although your Keyboard Warrior Tomaso cannot S-e-E 'em, and therefore has NO idea how many of the 10 F1 Teams are included? Y'all can check out some of the new cars from Barcelona's first test below...

Partial Song lyrics from:
The Outfield
Songs: 61 Seconds & Say It Isn't So
Album: Play Deep
Year: 1985