Wednesday, February 13, 2019

F1:Welcome to Our Ways of Entertainment

Bully for You Messer Chevy Chase. You'll show 'em who's boss, Righto? As perhaps thou Mustachioed One's been brushing up on his Russian by saying Nyet?

Believe it was former Formula 1 Impresario Uncle Bernaughty', nee Messer Bernard Charles Ecclestone who delighted in Any News, especially Bad News being Good Publicity...

Thus it appears that the "Old Guard," nee where thou Rubber meets the Road for F1, it's bloody Track Promoters rightly pointed out recently the lack of vision Liberty Media's shown so far regarding Formula One's future direction.

Although Chase Carey's "Mad as Hell," and AIN'T gonna take It's NO More! As we're the new owners of Formula 1 and if we want to make it into American style Football where every Franchise has a Chance, then get outta our Bloody Way! Thar our Billions and we can Spends Dem' however we Want!

Whilst thee Pied Piper Chris Horner points out that Liberty Media most likely underestimated how thou World 'O Formula 1 Turns when buying F1 from Uncle Bernaughty's Benefactors. As surely CVC Capital was quite happy to Unload; Err sell off its Formula 1 Ownership to whomever would give 'em a reasonable amount of Dinero, Eh?