Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cuba Boat Warriors'

The Bad Arse, Narly Silverhook Powerboat that it's crew members Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson hope  to break U.S. to Cuba Speed records aboard! (Image source:

Papers? We Don't Need NO Stinkin' Papers, Travel Documents, Visas, et al, as We're  On a Mission...

Thanks to The Freaks', I learned of an intriguing record attempt occurring today, which I first heard 'bout a few weeks ago, on the July 23rd episode of Speed Freaks, for which otherwise, I'd never heard of this speed record attempt happening right now!

As it was a typical Freaks interview, full of frivolity, as Boat Owner & Throttle-man Bloody Nigel, Not Captain Hook, R' Mateys! Was calling in from La-La Land, (Los Angeles) whilst Driver Jay, Not Don Johnson was live in studio, somewheres' in mildly warm Phoenix, Arizona; Hya!

Naturally, when I think of Offshore Power Boating, my mind conjures up thoughts of the late Didier Pironi and crew hitting a rogue wave from a passing by tanker, which ironically Nigel mentioned in the briefest 'O terms during the interview.

Yet instead, Messer's Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson will be  attempting to pilot their state of the art 48-foot Monohull Silverhook, powered by two screamin' Mercury motors pumpin' out over 3,000bhp! From Key West, Florida to Havana, Cuba and back in record time!

Actually, this Dynamic Duo's hoping to set two separate speed records if everythingy' goes according to plan. As they're hoping to complete the first leg of the trip, a distance of just over 100-miles in a fraction of the legendous Gar Wood's time, which was set nearly a century ago...

As You can check them out reportedly in real time telemetry tracking on their website, although I'm guessing there won't be any "Thong Shots" which the Freaks Kenny Sargent pleaded for...