Monday, August 7, 2017

Here's Your Sign, Indeedy!

I just have to share the following...

This morning, as I turned the corner to go Downhill into Thy "Redneckville" Apartment complex, with my usual two bags 'O groceries, with one in my hand and the other on my shoulder. With my white cane prominently displayed. Wearing my "Ray Charles" signature Shades and doing my Fumblin', Bumblin' and definitely Stumblin' Blind Man's cane sweep directly in front of me...

A young man came hurriedly running towards me slightly outta breath and asked in total innocence: Have you Seen the Bus go By?

For which I was so Dumbstruck over the Questione, I simply replied Ah, NO! I haven't SEEN the bus go by... To which he then said Cool!

As it's gotta be Duh Heat, right?

Uhm, now what would good 'Ol Bill Engvall say, Drum roll please...

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