Wednesday, August 23, 2017

AUTOS: Noted Engineer Roy Lund Dies

Funny to Mwah that I instantly recognized the name whilst perusing the New York Times Obituaries section recently. As I'm guessin Y'all would need to be a Dyed in thee proverbial Wool "FoMoCo" Fanatic to know who that was, Eh?

Since although Roy Lunn didn't grab the umpteen million candlelight exposure of the Spotlights like 'Ol Shel' (Carroll Shelby) did. Nonetheless, Messer Lunn's referred to as the "Godfather of the GT 40!"

Whilst I knew of his Kar Kraft connection and the BOSS 429, I've somehow forgot his Mustang I involvement, and didn't know his roles in the Jeep Cherokee, AMC Eagle, etc.

Roy Lunn, Pioneering Engineer of Celebrated Cars, Dies at 92