Monday, August 28, 2017

A Few more low hanging pieces of 2018 F1 Season fall into place.

As Formula 1 awaits 2019 for Mega' Driver Market changes...

Two more current F1 Drivers have been confirmed by their respective F1 Teams upon their continuation on the grid for next year's campaign, as not surprising in the least, Scuderia Ferrari has confirmed that the Monosyllabic Finn, the unflappable Kimi Raikkonen will be retained another season, presumably signaling Vettel's intent to continue with Ferrari...

On the technical side, Toro Rosso's Technical Director James Key has extended his contract to continue with thou 'lil Bulls', nee Red Bull's "Junior Team," where Carlos Sainz, Jr. has been Thar main Talking Point recently.

Meanwhile, in another Spectacular Yarn; Err PR Speak moment, McLaren has announced that junior driver Stoffel Vandoorne will remain at the wheel in 2018 just prior to the Belgian's home race, whilst still milking the Will He, Wont' He? Alonso staying next year fodder; YAWN!

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