Monday, August 28, 2017

F1: 2018 Driver Market Heating Up?

Prior to this weekend's Formula 1's return to action after the summer break, speculation upon the annual "silly Season" seemingly centered round Felipe Massa and his Team Willy' seat being the key to the Midfield Driver market.

And Y'all don't need to be no Rocket Scientist, as I've already predicted Mercedes "Junior" driver Pascal Wehrlein being in line to move to Williams, as it seems like a foregone conclusion that this year's soon to be crowned FIA Formula 2 champion Charles Leclerc is Sauber bound...

As the only other major seat up for grabs is the second Renault seat, for which everybody's wondering if "The Krakow Kid," aka Robert Kubica will return to F1 next year? Or will it be another Brit named Oliver Rowland replacing Joly? Inquiring Minds wanna Know...

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