Monday, June 29, 2015

Is IndyCar trying to Torpedo another Oval race?

Yeah, I know its A-L-L the rage right now, being that its HOT-HOT-HOT! Across the nation, as Egads! Seattle's just simmered thru an Excessive Heat warning over the weekend with temperatures only being a few degrees  cooler than Fontana's predicted 95 degrees Fahrenheit Friday; YIKES!

Yeah, I know it was an unbearable 109deg-f in Arizona, but 90+ degrees is warmer than normal for Seattle, especially with NO air conditioning! With some Meteorologists predicting us to surpass the July 4th high temperature record of 1972's 92deg-f by three degrees or higher; But I digress...

Thus, what gives with IndyCar? Although I suppose that's a Double Entendre, eh? since DON'T get me started on Mark "I've Got A Plan!" Miles and the BUFOONISH Indy Car Series schedule 'O late.

Which Kenny Sargent of Speed Freaks fame wryly pointed out last week Starts in April and ends in May; Hooah!

As I do NOT wanna hear one Freakin' quibble 'bout lack 'O attendance this past weekend, since why in the BLEEP are you scheduling the race to take place in the hottest portion of the day? Yuhs know, when only Mad Dogs and Englishmen prefer to go outside!

Fontana returned to the IndyCar schedule in 2012 as a 500-mile night race (as Las Vegas' replacement) on 'Zepptember (Sept) 15th, beginning at 5:30PM Pacific, although my convoluted sprawl over another HUGE disappointment by the "Toowoomba Toranadoe" (Will Power) claims that the Pre-race Dribble lasted an agonizingly L-O-N-G 80mins; SHEISA!

As the weekend's temperatures hovered in the low 100's if I remember correctly, with the sun's glare being a major factor for the drivers.

This was the final race that Bob Jenkins announced on TV - which was won by 'FAST EDDIE (Ed Carpenter) in the first season of driving for himself at ECR (Ed Carpenter Racing) with primary sponsorship from Fuzzy "Wuzzy" Zellar's Premium Vodka, which I believe is bottled in Oregon.

As Ed, a native Hoosier and graduate of Butler University and Jenkins had joked  about Carpenter winning for Bob as a "Retirement" present over dinner the previous night, which Ed indeed won  his team's first race at the season finale ahead of Dario Franchitti, the very same driver he'd beaten for his debutant win at Kentucky the year prior.

As for reasons unknown, Bob Jenkins, who I've come to realize is a total class act was completely lambasted on Zed Internetz for something trivial, which I took exception to 'Wayback in the spring of 2010.

While sadly, Bob lost his wife of four-plus decades shortly after leaving the television commenting booth after Ed's Fontana victory, which I scribbled 'bout previously; as it was GURR-REAT! Hearing him on the Public Address system this May at Mother Speedway.

2013's race moved to thee month 'O Roctober, again as the season finale  date of Oct 19th, which I watched "live" at CARPETS' Manor, with the race going into thy 'Wee hours of the night, finishing round 1AM eastern; Crikeys! As I was a Happy Camper since not only did Will Power win his first 500-mile Oval race, but Scott Dixon claimed his third championship title, leaving 'HULIO wonderin' if only he hadn't hit those 'Yumps in Houston; Hooah!

Last year's race moved once again for the third year in-a-row, this time being held on August 30th, with 'TK "Follow-your-Schnoz!" (Kanaan) scoring his debutant victory in red for Chip Ganassi while DJ WillyP' (Will Power) got the Monkey off his back by taming the track that he'd lost the 2012 title at en route to finally winning the long sought after Astor Cup.

And I'm not sayin' that the drivers can't cope with the heat, as Y'all recall the brilliant decision by the powers to be at Starship HC (Hulman & Co) to run a double header at Houston at the end of June; WTF! Which I proclaimed as being Uh,

Whilst it was plenty warm enough last August when I traveled to Sonoma for the first time ever, but I fear that moving Fontana to a day race in late June is akin to running in Houston the same time 'O year! As really IndyCar? Are you trying to ruin one of the few remaining Oval tracks on your schedule? Oh Never Mind!

As I'm looking way more forward to the season finale at Sonoma, which ridiculously, pays Double Points! So watch out Monty, Will Power, 'HULIO and Cheeps' Gang are gunning for Yuhs...