Monday, June 1, 2015

Baku continues Sweeping Problems Under the Rug...

Just one more DISGUSTING example of Uncle Bernaughty's Greediness gone awry, as he continues teasing us with the demise of another historic F1 event, nee Monza... Really? Formula 1 you're gonna walk away from your sport's biggest  icon, la Scuderia Ferrari's home track; Poppycock!

Yet, whilst Messer Bernard Ecclestone continues his Wizard of Oz machinations, along with another sleazy cohort simply known as 'Flavour Flav (Flavio Briatore) regarding his newest crown jewel, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, in the home of another 'Uber Democratic State, notorious for it`s indecent at the very least views upon Human Rights is at it once again.

As continuous Police Control over its citizens continues daily, with total  crackdown upon any dissent, even going so far as blocking locals from photographing their home state, whilst a devastating fire has just been linked to shoddy construction materials while Azerbaijan attempts to spruce up its Downtown corridor prior to this June's European Games, which like Formula 1, are designed to spread a more positive hue upon the current oppressive regime...

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