Friday, June 26, 2015

Marquez Not So Gently leaves Competition Weeping at COTA!

"Making Movies;" Hya! As Claudio takes Tomaso's picture - while Nelie snaps Claudio taking Mwah with blue bonnets. (The Tomaso Collection)
Yeah, MotoGP phenom Marc Marquez left us A-L-L speechless with his mesmerizing performance over the COTA weekend! Whilst it's been anything but smooth sailing ever since...

What Back-up?
Yep, Y'all know the line that's Ah-coming'; Hya!


Although I couldn't SEE I-T Myself, it was obvious in Claudio's tone how surreal the 22yr old Spaniard had been during Saturday's Qualie' session, but I'm getting ahead of myself... As I was more concerned over  whether or not my new FAV' Knee Dragger, nee Spain's 20yr old rookie rider Maverick Viñales would make his way into the Top-12 Shootout qualifying session?

Having later paid Attenzione to the MotoGP world TV Announcers pronunciation of "Vin-Yalez," (during the Argentina race) as 'LUCY, my ARSE-steamed screen reader has a funny way of reading European pronunciations; as she calls him Vy Ales instead; Hooah!

As its A-L-L coming back slowly now, as how could I forget his riding for the SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton 125cc motorcycle team in 2011, where he won races for Madame Hilton!

Then Maverick moved onto a rival 125cc team before winning the 2013 Moto3 championship - next graduating to Moto2 where he finished third overall before jumping to Suzuki's MotoGP squad this year.

As MotoGP has its own unique knockout Qualie format, where the fastest Top-10 riders time wise from FP3 (Free Practice) session go directly into the Q2 Top-12 Pole Shootout bracket, while positions P11-12 are determined by the riders with the quickest times of the preceding Q1 Qualie session, of which the young Maverick would be contesting.

Alas, I was most happy when Maverick claimed one of the two transfer positions and advanced to the Pole Shootout round, where he'd  wind-up P12, apparently unable to advance any further, while team-mate Aleix Espargaro finished in eighth.

And can't remember the order now, but the Moto2 Qualie was very entertaining, as the Track Announcers quipped over how Sam Lowes apparently didn't want to come into the pits after he'd dropped his Scooter whilst setting the quickest lap time, as they marveled over him going round 'N round instead, saying he didn't want to come in to hear what his team would say to him; Hya! While Jason Pridmore quipped you can only get away with crashing so many times! Although Lowes would manage to hang onto Pole position...

Yet for Mwah, the highlight of the weekend, and simply stealing the Qualie show, was Marc Marquez herculean feat of qualifying P1! As Y'all would say what's so special about Marquez taking Pole once again, eh? After all, it would be his 23rd career Pole to date.

But as Claudio described to Mwah in Real-time action, Marquez did the unthinkable, after I'd heard the track's PA announcers notice the Spaniard was having some sort of mechanical issues with his Scooter after just having left the Pits for his final qualifying lap with some 3mins remaining.

Its unbelievable Tomaso, Claudio excitedly said. Marquez just parked his Hondre' (Repsol Honda) motorcycle on the front straight by leaning I-T against the wall. Then he jumped a five foot-plus fence, ran A-L-L the way (stiff-legged in his full body protective riding gear) down Pitlane (fully suited with helmet on...) and jumped upon his waiting backup Scooter that his crew had alertly started  for him! He raced out onto the track and crossed the start-finish line with seven seconds left before setting a new track record to claim Pole; UN-FREAKIN' BELIEVEABLE! 

Where'd my 'Gee-tar go?
Saturday evening, Claudio, Nelie and Mwah trundled off to Neighbors Kitchen & Yard Restaurante in nearby Bastrop to partake a George Harrison Tribute Night concert being performed by Ky Hote and Friends of the Kerrville Folk Festival. As I noted the group playing the following songs, which were just what I could remember,  with many more Harrison renditions being played.

As we walked in fashionably late with the first song being sung Isn't it a Pity, for which I really liked  the lead vocalist's crooning, while others followed, including selections I'd never heard before, along with many trued 'N tried Harrison staples...

A few Harrison songs
  • Isn't It a Pity
  • The Sue Me Sue You Blues
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • My Sweet Lord
  • Taxman
  • Traveling Wilbury's Song
  • Brainwashed

As noted, the lead musician was Ky Hote, while the other musicians were his guests, including Claudio & Nelie's good friends Jimmy Jo playing lead guitar and his wife Chrissie singing vocals, as they have their own recording career under the moniker of The Better Half's music, which Y'all can check out their website at;

As I know they'll be in the  Pacific Northwest region in Mid-July, with stops in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, along with slipping across the border to Vancouver, WA...

Austin Hostess Nelie & Tomaso pose with some of Austin's vaunted Blue Bonnets. (The Tomaso Collection)
Race Day!
Deciding to skip all of the morning's festivities, Claudio &  I elected to simply attend the two support races, i.e.; Moto3 & Moto2 along with the day's featured event, nee MotoGP race.

Claudio said I'm gonna take you down close Tomaso where ITS L-O-U-D! As we once again sat in the Stadium section grandstands, albeit this time bathed in sunlight. As unfortunately for Mwah, the sun was glistening off of the silver aluminum railings directly into thy eyes, causing Mwah to spend the entire three day's races with sunshine BLASTING into thy retinas, unable to even S-E-E the typical blurs' O colors screaming by; SHEISA!

Adding to insult is the fact that after numerous attempts of searching thy Intrawoods, nee Zed Internetz, I cannot get a decent Moto3 race report to "Pop-Up;"  SHIT!

As I seem to recall it being a Slip-streaming affair, although the miniscule reports on the World wide Web thingy sez' Britain's Danny Kent ran away with the race by over some 10-seconds... As Messer Kent has since gone onto win three straight races in-a-row, a feat not accomplished by a British rider since some Dude name Barry Sheen a long while ago...

Next up was the Moto2 race, and I recall thinking Oh Shit, here I-T comes! As the humidity was so intense I could feel it spitting upon us, thinking rain was imminent; CRAP!

As although there would be short lived humidity in the air and moisture upon the track, the race would go on. And it was a 'KURR-RACKING race, as there was a Battle Royale for the lead, with Sam Lowes stalking the leader before taking over the point, as the 24yr old Bloody Brit' would  stay upright the entire race en route to  scoring his maiden Moto2 win!

Then another Bizzaro thingy occurred! As we'd had what this Pacific Northwest Boy considered to be almost oppressive HEAT! As after that extremely brief period of spitting rain, the sun came out and  it simply got H-O-T! Racing into the mid 80's, as it hit 85deg-f! (Fahrenheit)

Thus it was just weird! When upon the sighting lap of the day's premiere MotoGP race, apparently the Safety Car spotted water gushing onto the circuit; WTF? As there was an apparent undisclosed stream of W-E-T stuff flowing across the track nearby one of the crossover bridges on a downhill portion of the track, which caused a  20+ minute delay, as corner workers with brooms swept the water 'Uh-ways, whilst Claudio' told me that they'd also brought out the Jet dryer's; all-the-while as the track announcers marveled over where'd the water come from?

Finally going Green, "DESMO DOVY" rocketed away from Pole-sitter Marquez and led briefly before the Spaniard overtook him on lap-5 and that was that! As Marquez sauntered away into the Sunset to win his third COTA MotoGP race in-a-row; having won  the last six consecutive races held in Americre'; CRIKEYS!

While "The Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi stalked Andrea Dovizioso for second place, before overtaking his fellow countryman on his previous Ducati ride, but Dovizioso's Desmosedici GP15 'Duc was simply too strong and 'Dovy retook second place while Valentino's Yamahopper' lacked the necessary grunt  to overtake  the Ducati!

Meanwhile, thee Suzuki Boyz' are currently down on power,  and unbeknownst to Mwah, they were also riding without the preferred Seamless Shift crash-boxes that are now de riggour in MotoGP! As Suzuki hopes to rectify this sometime in the future, now being the only manufacturer without one after Aprilia introduced theirs at the Post-Jerez  race test a few rounds after Austin.

And my Numero Doce Knee-dragger Maverick Viñales scored his first points of the season with a fine ninth place finish, one place behind team-mate Aleix Espargaro, (P8) giving Suzuki a Double-Points finish. With Marquez celebrating another victory, a "Hat Dance;" Err three in -a-row at Circuit Of The Americas with "Desmo Dovy" (Andrea Dovizioso) scoring his second runner-up finish of the season and "the Doctor," nee Valentino Rossi taking the podium's final step in third.

And now Y'all know how Fox Sport's longtime excellante lead announcer Bob Varsha so cleverly came up with the nickname "Desmo Dovy..."

Flora 'N Fauna Dessert
Still NOT sure why we did this? But, Claudio pronounced to us Monday night that he wanted to go take thy picture with some 'O Austin's famous blue bonnet flowers and hence, we set off  in search of some corresponding fields 'O fertile flowers, for which I've decided to grace the pages of these two corresponding story posts with; Hooah!