Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time to Throw Out another Turkey...

Hur-Hur-Hur as a fine lass from Oh 'KanaDuh would say... Nope, not Meesh, who perhaps will return to Bloggin' one day? (Although she's admirably been doin' her part in the fight for her nephew's battle against cancer...) As it's that time of the year again to wish Y'all a Happy Turkey Lurkey Day, to those No Fenders Blog readers outs thar in 'Der Intrawoodz either; Hya! Who participate in this annual event. As why does every modern Thanksgiving Day which I prefer to call Turkey Lurkey Day make me think of the following, eh?

While I'll definitely be perusing my vintage No Fendersville Boudoir; Err Wine Cellar for a tasty Vino to take to this year's Family gathering, as I'm not sure if all of the following vintners are still in business or not? But Y'all can try checking them out in;

And lastly, perhaps we'll do Somme-thun' different once again this year, as last  year's Turkey dinner was actually beef instead, as freshly carved French Dip sandwiches were served in place of the traditional bird, which causes me to think of another favourite melody, right there alongside with the annual playing over Seattle Airways of Alice's Restaurant, as run free all of you bovines; Hya!