Thursday, November 7, 2013

Too Heavy Hulks in F1?

Nico Hulkenberg, 2013 Abu Dhabi GP. (Image source: Active Pictures;
This is a subject that shouldn't even come up, as I'll admit I'm a bit sensitive over weight issues myself, as hey, aren't the majority of us 'Yanks on the heavy side of the scales?

Thus all of this talk about thee Incredible 'Hulkster, nee Nico Hulkenberg being potentially too heavy for next year's heavier souped-up KERS turbo cars is truly disgraceful, as it scares me to agree with Bloody 'Ol 'Nige for once who's declared the whole matter is DISGUSTING!

As previously it's been rumoured Hulkenberg potentially lost out upon a McLaren drive due to his large frame, which rightly so, Bloody 'Ol 'JENSE (Button) too went upon the defensive in regards to drivers weight/height issues due to being on the large-is side himself, whilst I recall Robby 'Dirtmann "Gordoun" (Gordon) being quite vocal about this same issue upon Queen Danicker's (Danica Patrick) entrance to the upper levels of motorsports - as I think it musta been back during the Indy Racing League Dazes? As I know Gordoun was enraged about her weight  advantage before I believe some sorta minimum (Driver) weight limits were agreed upon...

Yet hopefully all of this will become redundant with the hoped for inking of Hulkenberg to a multi-year contract at Lotus F1 shortly? Although I still think the FIA needs to rectify the matter in case of potential issues in the future...