Monday, November 11, 2013

Raikkonen to miss final two F1 races

Originally stumbled upon this news whilst perusing the "Minnie Ha-Ha" (Minneapolis) Star's Motorsports section and have to say while I'm not overly shocked, nevertheless I'm majorly bummed thee 'Kimster won't be racing in Austin, Texas this coming weekend... Nor the season finale at Interlagos, as Kimi's decided to have back surgery instead pronto - in order to fully prepare for his forthcoming Ferrari contract...

Hmm? Surely this has nothing to do with the normally media-shy Monosyllabic Finn's recent tirade of NOT being paid one single Euro this season for services rendered at Lotus, right? As astutely Adam Cooper points out that if Raikkonen finishes outside of the Top-3 finishers, then he'll be free to skip the Post-season mandatory appearance in Paris, not to mention perhaps this was part of Lotus's recent announcement of their respective settlement?

Or perhaps instead la Scuderia's way of getting the 'Iceman suitably "chilled" for a potential forthcoming winter's Pirelli tyre test, eh? As Kimi's already been to Maranello for a 2014 seat fitting where allegedly NOBODY's told Kimi to get out of the FUCKING way, yet; Hya! Hmm? Wonder what Raikkonen would say if he's told that Fernando's Faster than him?