Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Track Marshall Dies due to Injury at Montreal

Seems like a very bizarre accident to me - when a 38yr old Track Marshall was ultimately killed when tripping into the path of the unsighted crane operator’s vision while trying to retrieve his radio he’d accidently dropped!

And thus, having read of this sad tragedy Sunday night, as I was trying to walk uphill to the Dentist’s office Monday morning and the overcast skies made my glasses too dark to see properly, as I was removing them to place into their case, I dropped my all important white cane which as I grabbed the loose object perilously close to the street’s wave of oncoming rushing traffic - the thought of this stricken worker immediately flashed into my brain! As fortunately I got ahold of my cane before I-T went anywhere, yet I was prepared to let it go into the street and be run over instead of attempting to rescue it!

As hopefully they’ll come up with some new safer way of car removal in future circumstances - as I feel truly sorry for the crane driver, the worker who perished and his family...