Thursday, June 13, 2013

INDY 500: Legends Day Rocks!

Two-time Rolex 24 and 12hrs of Sebring winner Didier theys autographed IMS Centennial card...
For Mwah, one of the bestest thingys IMS has done recently has been the introduction of its Legends Day program with past Indy 500 competitors being invited to return to Mother Speedway for a very brief, but casual setting for fans ‘O Yesteryear to have a momentary chance to interact with past racing drivers! Which during my inaugural I500 outing in Twenty-oh-Nine there weren’t NOThIN’ going on at the Speedway on Saturday, as I’ ended up going out to lunch with ‘CARPETZ CREW to the local Union Jack’s where I got to talk smart ‘bout motor racing instead...

As I know I’ll probably be crucified for saying this, but the Legends Day autograph session is probably my favourite part of Indy, followed by Carb Day and the race taking the final step upon the podium!

And although I preferred it being “FREE,” nevertheless for Mwah, its totally worth the $10 admission price, (although I’m NOT impressed that the prices increase next year magically the same time that IMS begins taking in public funding...) as I’m really NOT after the autographs so much - with exceptions to ‘lil Stevie Johnson, (Stefan Johansson) ‘The Gasman (Tom Sneva) and thee ‘Brackster, nee Kenny Brack... NO! For me it’s the only chance I’ll ever get of meeting these past Hero’s in the flesh, and even better yet getting to crack some jokes with them plus witness their good natureness and willingness to interact with the public. Or even better yet when Adrian Fernandez and Didier Theys made me feel like I was Royalty! While Billy Roe was a priceless comedian, and like everybody in life, it just matters what type of mood Y’all catch somebody in, eh? As I was very pleased that this year Kenny Brack was in a good mood and even cracked jokes with me, as he seemed way more relaxed, even going so far to inquire to Derek Daly sitting besides him; what’s a ‘Chin-wag? Hee-hee-hee!

Thus Thanxs for letting me indulge upon the first two classes of autographs I collected during the 2011-12 sessions, as I haven’t even had a chance to ‘Poond away on this year’s class of FREAKIN’ EH RAY! Twenty-one participants; Aye Karumba! Since another really neat part of this exercise where I suppose it could appear I’m “Name Dropping,” is that by doing these reports I’ve gotten to learn a little bit more about said individuals!

As I’d say my only complaint is the lack of IMS publishing a listing of participants and which grouping they’ll be in prior to Saturday. As I understand how they may be hesitant in regards to announcing drivers that don’t show up, but it still seems like they could use that standard catch-all phrase: “subject to Change,” right? Since that way I could actually attempt getting some new John Hancock’s next year.

So a very B-I-G Thank You to EVERY driver who continues coming back yearly for this, along with any driver who’s turned out period! As my only wish now is that IMS will keep this tradition alive and somehow entice more of the past drivers to participate...

As is I-T just Mwah, or isn’t it funny how IMS was recycling the leftover Centennial cards a year later for the drivers to sign; Hmm? Perhaps another sign of the nebulous financial belt tightening Jeffrey “the Walrus” Belskus has implemented?

AnyHoo here goes the first two roster installments of what were two very enjoyable Legend Days outing which I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout in;