Thursday, June 12, 2008

Will Princess get her wish?

On Tuesday, I received the following teaser from AZ Bureau Chief M.J. with the subject line reading; “Your Favourite Driver.” To which I can say EFFATICALLY, NOT!!!

Thus, according to early reports by Crash.Net, (Still a very catchy name for the IRL don’t uze think?) Princess Danicker would get her wish and test a Honda F1 racecar in the near future… To which I immediately thought; Oh My God! Does this mean Danica is headed to Formula 1 to replace Rubino? Talk ‘bout your earth Dreams, eh? Or as another potent lyric from the Grand Master, a la the GOD of the Skins, a.k.a. Neil Pert; Did I have the Dream, or did the Dream have me? Or as Larry would say; “Nightmares, Freakin’ Nightmares!”

Which is apparently what the Press GOONS at Honda HQ may be having as Honda F1 Boss Nick Fry has now retracted his “misleading” statements… Yeah, that’s the ticket, I was misquoted by the Australian press who also think their countryman Scott Dixon won this year’s Indy 500…

So, will Princess get her way? Of course I believe it’s all a publicity STUNT, as I’m hard pressed to think of any of the current Formula 1 teams looking to take that large of a gamble on drivers… Besides Honda and perhaps Force India? NAH! NO WAY…

So, with great irony the following Racer magazine appeared in my mailbox… (Photo especially for “Juan ‘O” her biggest supporters… Danny B) Yet, I think that powers to be at RASSCAR are missin’ a phenomenal marketing opportunity, when they could have the Asian giants go head to head when Kyle “Faux Intimidator Shrubb” Busch hopes to test a Toyota F1 chassis in Japan by pitting him against Princess Danicker… Nah, it’ll NEVER happen!