Thursday, June 5, 2008

: Deutschmarks for Max ‘N Bernie?

While the hottest story in Formula 1 continues to be the swirling controversy over Maxxum-gate and whether or not he’ll remain as the head of the FIA? As the show down in “Gay Paree” is soon to be held on June 3rd, its now been reported that a member of MI5’s, (Britain’s counterpart to our beloved CIA) wife, a Dominatrix is the woman who led five prostitutes in the plot to discredit MAD MAX Mosley…

Yet as the point-counterpoint or counterpunching continues, while Sir Maxxum continues to agitate on several fronts, a new report has come to light claiming that MAD MAX took part in a meeting with a Barrister of the Benetton team prior to the FIA’s “Open” handling of the Hockenheim pit fire which seared five crew members, including SPEED’s Professor Matchett and driver Jos “The BOSS” Verstappen… As said meeting was to discuss how to handle the affair prior to appearing before the World Motor Sport Council, but, the kicker to this story is who accompanied Sir Maxxum, none other than Emperor Bernardo, a.k.a. Bernie Ecclestone…

As this story would have you considering the ramifications towards the Benetton team if they hadn’t found some “Junior” employee to throw under the bus and get off with merely a slap on the hand regarding the mysteriously missing fuel filter, that enabled a faster flow rate during refueling stops; As much as up to one second during an eight second stop…

As this occurred during the summer of 1994, just prior to Michael Schumacher becoming Germany’s very first World Champion, defeating Damon Hill by one point after landing atop the Brit “Down Under…”

Yet, this story further claims that MAD MAX and Emperor Bernardo were keen to have Herr Schumacher win the title as this would ultimately lead to humongous payouts, rumoured as much as $190 million per season from Germany’s RTL Television, one of the FIA’s largest contributors, while Ecclestone’s Family Trust has supposedly benefited to the tune of $1.3 Billion!

SHEISA! What will we do when there’s NO MORE Sir Maxxum and “The Penguin,” a.k.a. Mr. Ecclestone to kick around?

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