Saturday, June 28, 2008

IRL’s newest poster child?

Although according to the IRL’s Brian Barnhart on Danica being a Menace; “She’s No more of a Menace then some Reporters…”

All I can say is that Princess better be on her best behaviour or a Dan-Dan-Danicker STOMP may just seal the deal!
Why did this portion of Saturday night’s IMS Radio Broadcast bring me so much glee? As I sat smiling and laughing as IMS’s Davey Hamilton reported on the scanner traffic they’d been listening to involving AGR teammates Hideki Mutoh and Danica Patrick, who was seeking a way past the Japanese driver in order to keep from being put a lap down by then race leader Marco Andretti.

Hamilton: We’d love to tell you what Danica’s been saying, but we CAN’T!
Mike King: Yeah, that’s right, but this is a Family Show.
Hamilton: Yeah, it’s definitely NOT PG Rated
King: Yes, and we’d lose our license to the FCC if we told you…

Oh, Princess… What’s duh Matter, Mutoh isn’t just simply pulling over for you?
Unfortunately, Mutoh was forced to retire late in the race when he broke his driveshaft while trying to exit pit lane… And of course the crack IMS broadcast crew were “Johnny on the spot,” asking if he’d been blocking Princess Danicker?

NO, Dan-Dan-Danicker is my teammate… I give her extra room because I know she’s my teammate... To which Hamilton seemed to support saying there really wasn't any issue.
Of course Danica had an entirely different view after completing the race… WHHHAAAAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!