Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Sarah Fisher still out there?

Recently a comment was left in regards to whether or not Sarah Fisher Racing was still taking donations? As apparently this info has been deleted from her website… Thus I’m unaware of whether or not SFR is still seeking donations, but since I recently saw a story claiming that Sarah Fisher was seeking $635+ dollars from Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the photo-op Sarah did with her in Indiana… I’d assume that SFR is still in the RED?

Also, I believe that Sarah is still planning on attempting to race next at Kentucky Speedway, so keep your fingers crossed!

Wonder what Sarah thinks about Princesses latest calling out for blocking by Scott “Got Milk?” Dixon and Eddie Carpentier callin’ her the new Scott Sharp of the IRL,OUCH!!!

Guess some drivers NEVER forget anything, eh? Like Ryan “The Dude” Hunter Reay getting in a swipe at Marky Mark Andretti about not getting’ the Chrome Horn from passing him in Cornland…