Thursday, June 5, 2008

Schuey races again

Michael Schumacher recently returned to the saddle, contesting his first Pro Bike race in Oschersleben, Germany, where the Seven Time Formula 1 World Champion started from the final row of the grid in his first Superbike event, part of the IDM German International Championship, where he’ll compete alongside current champion Martin Bauer for Holzhauer Racing.

Having finished 23rd in morning qualifying, Schumacher finished in last place, 39th after his Honda stalled due to electrical problems caused by inclement weather, during the afternoon qualifying session, while Schumacher stated;

"I plan to roll up the field from behind anyhow,"

Schumacher had tried vainly to avoid intense media scrutiny by trying to enter the event under a psidium:
“As Organizers tried to register Schumacher under a false name — Marcel Niederecken — but later used his real one because of insurance issues."

Although Schuey’s finishing position wouldn’t have originally qualified him for the event, several riders (including Schumacher) were given special dispensation to participate as some riders had competed in the dry with others having to run in the rain.

The 39 year old German aboard his Honda CBR1000RR, having skidded out in a gravel pit and failing to complete the afternoon’s race, noted after having passed several riders and running 21st at the time of the incident;

"What incredible fun," a race like that is lot better than a test, and it was great to prove myself out there."

In the morning event, Michael finished 28th overall after having rolled off 37th out of 39 riders, as apparently Schumacher isn’t content in his retirement to sit on the porch, as the Superbike racing is very hotly contested, and the bikes feature nearly two-hundred horsepower in race trim…