Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fox Bites

Once again it’s the WORST portion of the Formula 1 season as I ABSOLUTELY DREAD the DUMBING DOWN PORTION of Television coverage shown on FOX…

As their Formula 1 coverage is ABSOLUTELY ABYSMAL!!! Although at least this year they’ve wisely decided to utilize the commentating crew from their “Little Seester’s” network SPEED… But unfortunately in deference to mainstream TV programming have opted for only a two hour telecast… Which means NO 30 minute Pre-race show, which includes the brilliant Peter Winsor shuffling about the race grid…

And then once again, FOX TOTALLY BLEW IT!!! As they bludgeoned the post race interviews of which were of historic proportions... Which left me screaming at the Telescreen FOX SUCKS!!! F%%KING ASSHOLES!!!

And what was all of the rush for? Well immediately following the BOTCHED Broadcast was an overwhelmingly STUPID “Info-mercial” for a low budget competitor of the Bosley “Just For Men” Hair Transplant club… As I’d say FOX could use some of this product to cover the ASS WHOOPIN” they deserve…


  1. Not that the "Just For Men" product line has not changed my life, but the rushed coverage was lame. I wanted to hear what DC had to say..

    Luckily, they enlightened me on how the pace car is used. I guess they use it to restrict traffic. Also, if you bump one of these cars, it breaks (unlike Nascar). This I did not know either.

  2. For me, the dumbing down was worth it to see an F1 race in HD. If I have to sacrifice Peter Winsor and post race interviews for HD, I'll gladly do it.

  3. That is right FOX TOTALLY BLEW IT!!! They are meant to broadcast brain washing paid programing. Instead of live race coverage. I wander if that "brain washed redneck" would like to watch boring NASCAR taped if he(she) already know the result??

  4. Ok, I suppose HD is well worth it... Although I wouldn't know since I'm still living in the 20th Century... As I cannot even begin to tell you how painful it was getting SPEED on my cable system... Just pissed off about how LAME FOX's post race coverage is and remains being... Only 2 more races to go, I believe?

  5. Fox is just awful. The race consisted of 40 min.s of commercials shown every 3 minutes. They actually cut out the whole last 4 laps (with all the last chance scrapping). Trulli and Nakamichi traded palces twice, did we see it? The sound quality is also awful compared to SPEED. Next they will destroy the German GP. Its another LIVE TIMING race. Its bad enough with all the shots of pit crew, etc for WAY TOO LONG; this Fox coverage is pathetic.