Tuesday, February 18, 2020

No Fenders on Brief Hiatus...

The long forgotten 2012 Ford Microstang by Microsoft and West Coast Customs. (Image source: .topspeed.com)
What? On another Gory Holiday already?

Hey everyone who reads or Drops into this eclectic Blog-site, just want to let Y'all know that Thanxs solely to Microsoft's insistance, i.e.; No longer supporting winDOUGhs 7 as of January 1st, for those of us whom Depend upon Thar Automatic Updates.

Since your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso prefers rolling here on thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville always an Operating System behind. Especially since Ye Digg I-T Tull' World typically Fails to take into consideration those of us Blind and Visually Impaired Depending upon Screen readers...

This long running diatribe is to inform Y'all that I'm currently in the process of switching over to a brand Spankin' new MS Windows 10 Confuzer', nee computer, along with upgrading my archaic MS Office 2007 suite to MS Office 2016 and therefore will be Offline briefly.

As I've got my fingers, legs 'N arms All double Crossed that this time Thee Arse-simulation'; Err Bloody Migration to a new computer operating system will be far less Painful then last time's circa 2013 was, but I'm not holding Thy Breath! Especially since thou Sauce is Blue; How-How-How!

As it's Funny Ha-Ha? How I deliberately avoided winDOUGhs 8 like thou Plague, but knew this day would be ah-Comin' eventually, even though I'm totally content with my current Puter' and it's antiquated systems 'cause everythingy Works! As Change is Bad, Otay?

As hopefully I'll be able to finish off two long simmerin' No Fenders stories that have been wafflin' round in thou Driftwood here upon Nofendersville, caught in thoust nebulous No Fenders WormHole vortex, or is it Ye King Tides?

Thus, I'll leave Y'all with a few Canned Stories that should have Defrosted by now... Along with intending on including a famous Car Song for your listening pleasure, but I chose Somme-thun' else from Thar Cavernous Archives instead. As suppose it's an 'Ol cliché of how Yuhs miss somebody after they're gone, Eh? 

Catch Y'all on the Flip Side, after I return from thoust Dark Side of Ye Moon...