Friday, February 7, 2020

F1: 2020 Car Launch Schedule revealed

As it's almost time to roll out  them Shiny Brand New racing chassis...

Although I've got zero Clue if No Fenders will be back up 'N running when the yearly Formula 1 Car Launch cycle commences on February 11th, but I'm guessing not, since Zero clue upon when we'll be taking Thy Confuzer' to the Shop for its W10 Assimilation...

As la Scuderia is slated to go first next Tuesday, along with le Reggie', before Y'all can watch the others roll Out Ye Barrel; Err racecars over the coming weeks. Which in case Y'all are Ah-Wonderin' when you can "See" your favourite Team's newest chariot, then you'll wanna check the link below.

Although I'll admit I've enjoyed not tunin' into Formula 1 awhile now, and not sure I even miss it? Which makes it even stranger to think that thou vaunted 2020 F1 Winter Olympics; Err Pre-season Testing begins on Feb 19; Aye Karumba!

As this year testing has been further reduced to just a pitiful six days, with both 3-Day outings being held at Barcelona on Feb 19-21 and Feb 26-28 before the season Kicks Off Down Under in Bloody Melbourne March 15th.

Yikes! Don't know 'bout Yuhs, but I Damn sure Ain't ready for Motor Racing to resume; CRIKEYS!

Although suppose we'll All soon be caught up in who's theoretically Quickest, albeit it heeds remembering how Ferrari was panned as being miles ahead last year before Mercedes Waxed everybody once again...

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