Monday, February 3, 2020

Honda Scuttles Alonso's Indy 500 Plans

As talk 'bout holding a grudge!

I first learned the news via Racer Sunday morning prior to this year's Super Bowl LIV and just started chuckling after saying W-O-W! A few times. Since I'd say Thars some really Bad Blood between the Honda Brass in Tokyo and Fernando Alonso, Yuhs Think?

As I'm not surprised, but instead I've been ponderin' what a really fine line racing drivers are forced to walk. Since Alonso's being punished for his multiple outbursts vs. Honda's then woefully anemic Formula 1 return as an engine; Err PU', nee Power Unit supplier.

As I know I actually heard Fernando's most scandalous salvo, when claiming over the In-car radio that the Honder' was like running with a GP2 lump' or Somme-thun to that effect. Since  this took place in 2015.

But the part I'm pondering is how we as Fans, myself included clamour each 'N every year for drivers to Not be Vanilla, button down All Corporate Speak and actually have a pulse and display unique personalities. yet if they do so, they risk the ire of being severely punished for their true insights.

Although I'm certainly not implying that Fernando's an innocent Choir Boy, who I've had a Love-Hate relationship with for 15yrs now. And his Renault Crash Gate, McLaren and Ferrari years certainly weren't without incidents...

Yet isn't it time for Honda to let go of this apparent grudge, even if they were indeed slighted five years ago? Or will Alonso be persona non grata with the Honda Motor Company indefinitely? And what's really best for the Sport of Motor Racing?