Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vettel re-ups at Ferrari, Hamilton next?

Uhm, like are we surprised?

Although I heard the news that 'lil Sid Viddle, aka Seb' Vettel had inked a new three year contract extension with la Scuderia, nee Ferrari late Saturday afternoon, it wasn't confirmed when I heard 'bout it...

As I waited 'N waited A-L-L Day Sunday for the sliced, diced, pureed, brought to Yuhs by Ghinzu Knifes Belgian GP Race's 2hrs encore presentation on Peacock-lite', nee NBCSN.

And what an ABOMINATION that cobbled together replay was! As it STUNK UP the Airwaves so BAD! That apparently NBCSN couldn't even Dare showing a replay of the following weekend's Italian GP; BASTA!  

Hence, I couldn't G-O Anywhere's' on Duh World Wide Web, my Telephone News et al, without learning the winner of the Belgium race prematurely, and hence, Y'all have had to wait, just like me  for this riveting post; Hya!

As surely Golden Child'; Err Lewis Hamilton will get his way; Uhm Wish, for a new 3yr Dealio too, eh? Whilst surely Mercedes will keep Valtteri Bottas at least a further year, leaving just the few possible Midfield seats to haggle over...