Sunday, September 17, 2017

INDYCAR: How Many Drivers does it take to replace one Russian?

Mikhail aleshin's autographed "Hero Card" from Sonoma, 2014. (The Tomaso Collection)

Nah, that AIN'T supposed to be some Oh, So clever how many Engineers does it take to change a light bulb joke...

By now, Y'all are painfully aware that Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (SPM) has said Nyet to Thar past Mad Rooskie pilote Mikhail Aleshin, following this year's Mid Ohio IndyCar outing.

As Aleshin's IndyCar career was somewhat tumultuous, but I found him to be a very likeable character, what the series seems lacking these days, along with being extremely quick, albeit somewhat crash prone!

As Aleshin's Brashness, Charisma and Raw Speed reminds me of another talented driver from Up North Eh! The Thrill from West Hill's effervescent PT', aka Paul Tracy!

Although Aleshin apparently doesn't have the funding to allow him to blossom in this instantaneous performing era we live in now, vs. Tracy's team owner Roger Penske giving him a long leash to dangle upon...

Thus, Y'all have to wonder what Sebastian Saavedra's Benefactor Gary Peterson, owner of AFS feels with the announcement of Jack Harvey getting the highly desired No. 7's seat for Watkins Glen and this weekend's Sonoma season finale races instead.

As I'll confess, I've never been awestruck or impressed with Saavedra, as I really don't know what Mr. Peterson finds so captivating in the 27yr old Columbian, who'll never be another Juan Pablo Montoya!

As I'd personally been hoping that thee "Young Wicky," a term thou Mayor 'O Hinchtown bestowed upon his fellow Kuhnaidiun' a lifetime ago when they competed against each other in Champ Car Atlantics would get the nod.

As the career paths of James Hinchcliffe and Robert Wickens have certainly taken very different trajectories, but it would have been great seeing another fast, hungry KuhNuck on the grid!

Instead, it'll be the Hoser from Up North Eh! With the longest name on the grid, making his Debutante IndyCar start as Graham Rahal's Wingman, when Zachary Claman DeMelo takes the green flag aboard the No. 16 RLLR entry.

As my very unofficial records lead me to believe this will be the first time with two KuhNuck's racing on a road course/street circuit in over four years. When TAG' (Alex Tagliani* and thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown (James Hinchcliffe) contested the 2013 Toronto IndyCar Double Header weekend...

But Don't get me wrong, this English Bloke who's voice reminds me a 'Wee bit of 'Ol Bloody Nige', aka Nigel Mansell is a good driver, as I like Jack Harvey and would enjoy having him fulltime in Indy Cars next year.

Whilst like Y'all, I won't know if Juan Pablo Garcia has passed the audition? Until I get a chance to Surf Duh Web Friday evening, to run a third car at Sonoma this weekend alongside Hinch' & Harvey; Hmm? Sounds like a cool sorta drink, Eh?

As the 29yr old ex-Indy Lights Mexicali had raced in the Mazda Road To Indy support series from 2009-2014, where he capped his Lights career by finishing sixth overall for Sam Schmidt's Indy Lights programme. And like the other aspiring drivers, hopes to land a B-I-G CARZ' ride for 2018...

Although Thars' been nary a peep 'bout this since, as it appears that SPM's only running two cars at Sonoma...

Then on Tuesday, when reading Racer'com's Indy Cars Headlines I screamed HOLY SHIT! And just 'bout spewed my coffee when hearing Lucy', my Screen Reader say that Sam Schmidt had joined forces with Didier Calmels; WTF!

Like seriously? First they've had repeated troubles getting the now departed "Mad Russian's" (Aleshin) Rubles wired from Moscow. And now they're gonna do business with a convicted Murderer? My-Oh-My!

Since I already knew who Didier Calmels was, due to his past Formula 1 association, as Co-Founder of the Larrousse & Calmels F1 Team in 1987, especially since I always liked those Larrousse Lamborghini V-12 chassis.

Naturally, the team was rebranded Larrousse F1 after Didier was convicted of murdering his wife!

As I understand why, but still NOT impressed one iota over the team's request for the Indianapolis Star and it's Motorsports "Insider" Jim Ayello sit on the story until after the initial press release
. Like what are you trying to hide SPM?