Thursday, May 5, 2016

Conspiracy's in Russia, Nyet!

So what's that comment 'bout NOT engaging Thy Crazies?

Reportedly, thou section of Thy tethered world I do NOT inhabit, called Social Media, i.e.; TWIT-ER, Instagram, Snap Happy; Err Snapcat, Snap Chat or whatevers' been A-L-L amuck over Mercedes apparently purposely sabotaging thou Young Louise JAGUAR' Hamilton lately; HUH?

As I'm still more baffled over how Thy Silver Arrows managed to escape without incurring dropping to the back of the grid, ergo ten-place grid penalty for replacing said parts of Hamilton's PU. (Power Unit) Since I thought the cars were in Par Ferme condition beginning on Saturday morning?

Although I'm 86% certain that the Race Stewards would have been A-L-L over Mercedes like el Cheapo Suito' as 'Ol Hobbo, nee David Hobbs likes to implore - if there'd been any rules infraction, right?

NO! Me Thinks Y'all gots to ask yourselfs, why the BLEEP! would Mercedes go to thee BLINKIN' trouble of flying in a whole new fuel system overnight via chartered jet, for which reportedly Uncle Bernaughty greased Customs to ensure  Hamilton started from his tenth place grid spot where he'd ended up in after failing to contest Qualies' final Q3 session, eh?

As Louis Black would say: "Are You Bat Shit Crazy!" Whilst nobody's talking 'bout the Putin & Bernie Show, since after all, Sports aren't Political; Oh Never Mind!

Nope, for me Thy Conspiracy; Uhm, I meant the Highlight of the entire race was 'lil Sid Viddle's brilliant Cuss-fest over his In-car radio after his good buddy Dani Kvyat rammed him up thoust Bum not once, but twice; Aye Karumba!

But beware, this tirade, which is priceless! Should definitely peg out that fine Kuhnaidiun' lass Meesh's swearing meter! And would definitely make Louis Black proud!

Now I've gotta lift this keyboard off of my chest! As it's getting hard to breathe... As think I'm gettin' Dizzy here typing on my bed in my Mum's basement; Oh Never Mind!