Monday, May 16, 2016

NBC Sports gets Red Card at Barca' for Fouling F1 Post-race Podium interview!

While Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix was most enjoyable, certainly exciting, full of Drama and capped by a shock winner, nonetheless NBC Sports Network once again miserably dropped the ball; Err made relentless fouls towards its "live" television coverage of said event from Barcelona.

First there was the indignity of having to wait thru at least four 1hr episodes of Poker at Dark when there was still sunlight visible here on the West Coast before showing the re-airing of Qualie' beginning at 10PM Pacific Saturday night.

Next, due to NBC's parent owner comca$t's decision to squeeze every Bloody drop 'O turnip juice outta it's overpriced ELP television rights on "Super Sunday," there would be NO rebroadcast of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Therefore I very reluctantly, and may I say sleepily arose at 4:25AM Pacific for the F1 Countdown show which my TV Guide said began at 4:30AM Pacific. Thus imagine my surprise when the voice of Peacock-lite's F1 Pitlane reporter Will Buxton greeted me mid-sentence; Huh?

And then the Booth Boyz' just kept jabbering on 'N on before I checked my clock which said 4:38AM, meaning the race wouldn't start 'til 5AM Pacific. Drawing the broadcast its first Yellow card.

But the biggest FOUL of the day's broadcast was yet to come, for which NBCSN immediately drew a Red card in the Penalty Box! As did Y'all get to S-E-E the winner's podium interview following Max Verstappen's shock victory?

NO! Didn't think so as Leigh Diffey told us we could all watch I-T on NBC Live Extra upon our Smartfone Apps - FUCK YOU NBCSN! Err comca$t!

 As I pay a ridiculous amount monthly for your overpriced Cable TV service and do NOT wish to need to scramble for some new fangled gizmo I CANNOT SEE in order for you to make way for a different sport!