Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gone Racin'

No Fenders head scribe Tomaso and Mark checking out Buddy Lazier's throwback livery from years past at the now Defunct IMS Flagroom. (The Tomaso Collection)
If A-L-L has gone according to plan today... Since after all, it's probably Juan 'O Thy WORST Days for Aeroplane travel, eh? As I-T really shouldn't take 12 FREAKIN' Hours to go Coast-2-Coast; CRIKEYS!

AnyHoo, your humble No Fenders scribe should have just touched down in Thy City 'O Speed, collected by the most Amiable & Gracious Host Dave? Dave better Bloody be there; Hooah! Oh Never Mind!

Fuzzys' 100th bottle
Next being whisked off to Carpets Manor as we speak - arriving "Justin-time" to have a late evening's Nightcap with 'Dem Hosers! Or is I-T morning, eh? Prior to traipsing off to Mother Speedway for my yearly partaking of the final B-I-G CARZ' practice & Freedom 100! And then just milling about 'N ignoring the ridiculous Pit stop Challenge.

As surely Thars' Bloody 'Whale 'Nuff material I've poonded out the past six-weeks for your reading pleasures... As I'll be Incommunicado for the next week's time, even though Yeah Danny, they do have Internetz' connection at the hallowed IMS Media Centre; Hooah!

It's just that I'm NOT Privy to that any more by choice - since I enjoy the outdoors ambiance far better than thee mostly soundproof glass windowed Media Centre, albeit may be I'll wish to have not been able to hear whomever's replacing 'Ol Jimmy Neighbors this year?

Alas, after two year's absence, having not attended Thy 2014 race, whilst last year I was informed there AIN'T NO Autograph session being held; WTF? As this is probably my most favourite event  of the entire weekend... Naturally I'm ARSE-Sumin' it'll be back on this Saturday since it's, Uhm? Which 500?

Whilst I'll resume typing Thy Award Winning Stories here on thou pages 'O No Fenders on Wednesday, June 1st...

"Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your In-juns!"


(Photos Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS)