Wednesday, March 16, 2016's version of The Bump & Run...

NO! This is NOT about that multi-car pile-up during the St Pete race, but instead how the Race-day webcast FAILED me once again!

Up until Sunday morning, I'd been quite happy, content & optimistic that had finally heard me, or even possibly read last year's email asking for a "Tagable," Screen Reader friendly readable Play button link upon their website, since 'Lucy, my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader cannot S-E-E either the black-on-black white ringed play arrow, or the red play arrow triangle!

As A-L-L I can say is Tank Gawd I didn't get up at 6:30AM Sunday morning after springing ahead! Since I'd probably fallen afoul of this veritable Kill-joy where's the FUCKING Play button now Buzz-saw action - If I'd had arisen for a very early West Coast edition of the second Indy Lights race!

Meet the New IndyCar, same as the Old IndyCar, we won't get Fooled again...

And I know the powers-to-be at Starship HC don't give one iota over this, but! Cannot really say I came away feeling very excited over their product after Thy webcast DUMPED twice on me and I finally gave up in frustration since I cannot S-E-E where the FREAKIN' itsy-bitsy bleeding into Thy page red triangle Play button's lurking?

Can you HEAR me Now IndyCar?

OOPS! That's right, I forgot about the Mark "The Decider!" Miles Gag Orders, as it's a beauty' FULL Day in thy Neighborhood...

Thus reluctantly, I went and listened to the Golf Channel; Err ABC's laconic end of race TV broadcast instead; SIGH!

Case in point
Messer Graveley', as I cringed a second time, the first being on Friday - then again on Raceday when Yuhs expounded upon how you were doing us such a  great service by announcing what positions the drivers were in since not everybody may have access to the Timing & Scoring screens...

As NOTE to Mark James, that's why I tune into the radio broadcast! As may be, just may be? I'm the only legally blind IndyCar Fan who still attempts paying Attenzione to the series?

And another point Mr. James. While I understand your telling us how "Futile" telling us the current driver positions due to their rapidly changing, isn't that your job? For which your comment comes across as being lazy!

As I realize it was your very first weekend as "The Voice" of  Indy Cars, and I'd say overall you did a fine job, but seriously Dude, the point of radio broadcasting is to paint a picture for those of us who cannot see the action,  which for Mwah includes calling the positions of the drivers, which is why I attempted listening to the radio broadcast over the TV broadcast to begin with!

Yet, for reasons unknown,  as I said above, the webcast Dumped twice on Mwah, which was after having spent nearly twenty painful minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the webcast for the start; SHIT!

As the first time it dumped while Katie Hargitt was talking to Dale Coyne, it took me an agonizing 10-laps to relocate the hiding red triangle  play arrow; URGH!

Yet I did find great amusement over Jake 'Duh Riddler Query's reporting of somebody's Condo's upper balcony's carpet having been blown onto a nearby tree overlooking the race course - since who was pulling the rug  over us?

And I pondered to myself how low has IndyCar Sunk? If one of your Race-day commercials is George Foreman pitchin' for Inventor Help, sayin' he wants to help every inventor get in the Ring; Oh Never Mind!

Then again, around lap-76-ish? Since thought I heard there were 34-laps remaining, the programme dumped again and after five-plus more excruciating minutes of silence, I finally threw-in the towel and dejectedly went and turned  on the television.

As it took forever for the ABC Booth Boys to announce verbally who the Top-3 were before getting excited over Ryan Hunter-Reay passing HULIO' for the final podium step with just three laps remaining.

Then Eddie Cheever actually woke up and got A-L-L Hot 'N Bothered over whether the Rooski' (Mikhail Aleshin) would be able to pass Castroneves for fourth place, but Alas, nary a peep was said before a short interview with JPM - which was preceded by going to their NBA Bobbleheads' to prime us for the upcoming NBA Pregame hoopla during Montoya's cool down lap...

And there was absolutely NO rundown over the entire field's finishing positions, since A-L-L we needed to know was that Montoya's building the foundation for Indy; Yuc-Yuc-Yuc! Right Eddie?

Before running away to the NBA Hype-machine, and thus I was left totally Bamboozled over what had happened to Conor Daly, who was running an excellent P2 before I'd needed to go turn thee Telie' on; GROAN! For which at least I was able to ascertain the outcome by going to Racer(dot)com instead...

Thus, I won't hold my breath any longer in hopes of fixing this nebulous problem, which the longer it prevails, makes me think more & more about how IMS had to be forced into changes at Mother Speedway, which they Dovetailed nicely with their Government funding; Oh Never Mind!

While I've Never, Ever, even bothered once 'bout saying a single word about IMS's main website's horrible LACK of being Screen-reader friendly!