Saturday, March 19, 2016

MOTO GP: Can Anyone Dethrone "the Aliens" for the Title in 2016?

Can Suzuki's MotoGP rider Maverick Vinales pictured at Sepang, during winter testing in February capture his debutant podium this year? (Image source:
Why do I feel an 'Ol Clint Eastwood Quip comin' on here? As in A-L-L this F1 excitement, I've plain forgotten if I scribbled five or six stories? Hya!

As I've almost entirely forgotten about MotoGP, or who's been doing what since that FARCICALLY RIDICULOUS Season Finale!

Whilst it's NOT a very ringing endorsement for this year's title defense of Thy pinnacle 'O motorsports, nee Formula 1, or should I-T be Pee-knuckle? Especially if its world champion pronounces the following...

Yet much has changed in the following four-plus months time, most notably the series sensibly morphing back into a single category, eliminating the confusion over Factory vs. Open Bikes two-tiered class structure. As A-L-L entries must now use the single Unified Magnetti Marnelli mandated  ECU system - with each rider allowed seven engines per season, with non winning (2013-15) Dry Race entities allowed twelve, unless gaining too many podium positions, hence reverting to seven.

And there's some confusing rules about number of engine Evoluzione' (evolutions) each manufacturer's allowed, dependent upon number of Satellite Squads in Thy equation.

Beginning with three allowed per One Factory & Two Satellite teams respectively, i.e.; Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, etc. Whilst Factory teams are allowed to hand down their previous machinery, which means that Satellite squad's may be running dated Scooters', i.e.; 2014-16 Ducs' (Ducati) in the field for example...

Also gone is the separate amount 'O petrol the two classes could carry, with now everyone limited to a maximum of 22-litres per race.

While the other major change is the departure of Bridgestone's Japanese rubber being replaced by France's Michelin tyres, which could possibly effect  the racing somewhat due to coming to grips with suitable new compounds,

Also new this season is an increase in rim size, with MotoGP inching up to 17-inch rims a la their supporting series Moto-2 & Moto-3, whilst there are limits upon numbers of each compound, i.e.; Hard, intermediate and soft front & rear tyres allowed; Cornfuzed' Yet?

I first learned of the term "Aliens" at the 2014 Circuit Of The Americas MotoGP race  from some very amiable British Fans, with the current trio of Aliens comprising of Marquez, Lorenzo and Rossi, for which I've totally soured upon the first two's unscrupulous pranks, while Rossi's NO Choirboy either!

thus naturally Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez will be this year's favourites with the ageless "Doctor" Valentino Rossi, now age 37 being the Darkhorse for championship consideration.

Then there's my new favourite from last year, playfully now known as Maverick "Top Gun" ViƱales - who seemingly faces great pressure to live up to his rising star status in his MotoGP sophomore campaign, albeit Maverick, and more importantly the Suzuki bikes seem more potent with finally adapting the  de riggour seamless shift crashboxes! Which hopefully will incorporate both up & downshifts this season.

 As that's my Top-4 riders this season with NO disrespect towards the remainder of the MotoGP grid, especially since they're A-L-L BAD ARSES! for which I'll leave the Heavy lifting to the accompanying article...

And as typical, should we believe the final winter's test results at the Losail international circuit where Jorge Lorenzo finished comfortably ahead of everyone? With Scott Redding now aboard a year old Satellite Ducati surprisingly second - while my Boy Maverick capped off running towards the front this winter with an impressive P3! Although suppose Y'all can never count out those astoundingly Hyper-fast Desmosedici Ducati's...

Presumably, albeit thoust was hard pressed a Fortnight's prior to find when in Tar nations the race would be televised Stateside, or even which FOX Network? So Yuhs will have to find I-T  yourself!